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Service Areas

Serving Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Washtenaw, and Surrounding Counties with Exceptional Custom Home Building Services

Macomb is a growing community known for its beautiful parks and excellent schools. At Haus Custom Homes, we bring our expertise in custom home building to Macomb, creating luxurious, personalized homes that reflect the unique charm and appeal of this vibrant area.

Oakland County

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Bloomfield Hills is renowned for its affluent neighborhoods, top-tier schools, and scenic landscapes. At Haus Custom Homes, we specialize in designing and building luxurious, custom homes that match the elegance and sophistication of Bloomfield Hills. Our personalized approach ensures your home is a perfect reflection of your unique lifestyle and taste.

Birmingham, MI

Birmingham is a vibrant city known for its charming downtown, upscale shopping, and fine dining. At Haus Custom Homes, we excel in creating luxurious, custom homes that blend seamlessly with Birmingham's sophisticated ambiance. Our commitment to quality and detail ensures your home is a true reflection of your personal style and the city's unique character.

Wayne County

Canton, MI

Canton is a thriving community celebrated for its family-friendly environment, extensive parks, and top-rated schools. At Haus Custom Homes, we offer custom home building services that cater to the dynamic lifestyle of Canton residents. Our team is dedicated to crafting luxurious, bespoke homes that perfectly blend with the community's unique appeal and meet the individual needs of each homeowner.

Washtenaw County

Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor is a dynamic city known for its prestigious University of Michigan, vibrant cultural scene, and picturesque neighborhoods. At Haus Custom Homes, we excel in creating custom homes that complement the intellectual and artistic spirit of Ann Arbor. Our luxurious, personalized designs ensure your home stands out while fitting seamlessly into this vibrant community.

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